Website under construction

the World-Wide Network for Bahá'í-Choirs is coming soon...

What this website will do

Once fully functional, www.bahaichoir.com will serve three main purposes:

1. To provide information, announcements and news about Bahá'í Choirs around the globe.

2. To act as a database and repository of Bahá'í Choral music. The database will incorporate high quality sheet music (PDFs) and rehearsal-tracks with each part sung separately (mp3s). Musical directors will be able to browse the database and chose appropriate repertoire for their choir. Choir members will be able to listen and download the practice files selected for their choir. Composers and copyright holders can submit their works to the database and may choose to charge choirs a fee for using their music.

3. To give Bahá'í choirs the possibility of hosting their own website, see below for details.

Opportunity for web developers

The fist two of the three points listed above still require implementation. Web developers with experience in content management systems are invited to get in touch to create this. We already have over 50 songs and associated mp3 files that can be added. To ask for more information and to send us a quote, please e-mail:
develop ers [at] bahai choir . com (removing the spaces)

Links to Bahá'í Choirs

Bahá'í choirs in Europe

Bahá'í Choirs in Northern America

Bahá'í Choirs in the rest of the world

This list by no means complete:

The author would be thankful if you can help expand the list - just e-mail:
add choir [at] bahai choir . com (removing the spaces)

Free webhosting and .bahaichoir.com subdomain

We are offering your Bahá'í Choir the possibility to host your website, or just a page with contact details, on our server, with a .bahaichoir.com subdomain. For example, if your choir called the Mytown Bahá'í Choir, then your website would be www.mytown.bahaichoir.com.

Please contact us if you are interested:
web host ing [at] bahai choir . com (remove the spaces)

You can also have an e-mail address: e.g. mytown(at)bahaichoir.com

Who are we?

I am Cosma Gottardi, a Bahá'í Choir Enthusiast, who has purchased this domain with the vision of making it into something useful for all Bahá'í Choirs and those that sing Bahá'í Choral music. I also occasionally conduct Bahá'í choirs and other ensembles and write music. Visit my website

What is the Bahá'í Faith?

Picture of a Bahá'í ChoirThe Bahá'í Faith is a world religion whose aim it is to unite all the peoples of the world in a peaceful way. Read more about the Bahá'í faith on the official website, or the Encyclopedia Brittanica.